ancient gods and contemporary circumstances (II)

Last night was the opening for my Ancient Gods and Contemporary Circumstances exhibition.  I had previously displayed this body of work earlier this year at the Academia de Juventude, shortly after its completion.  I am very proud of this recent series, and I have received a generally positive response.  I think many people share my fascination... Continue Reading →

2013: ancient gods and contemporary circumstances

Artist Statement:  I have been captivated by Greek mythology since I first learned about it in my adolescence. I was drawn to the very human characteristics, vices, and faults of these powerful gods and goddesses. With Greek mythology, the existence of the enigmatic deities fulfilled the same role as gods have across cultures throughout human... Continue Reading →

ancient gods and contemporary circumstances: part II

The weather had been less than desirable for days (well, weeks--to be honest).  Strong winds and intermittent rains brought me to the conclusion that, while the weather the night of my opening was likely to be less than ideal, I assumed it wouldn't actually impact the (indoor) event itself.  We had finished installing the exhibition earlier that... Continue Reading →

ancient gods & contemporary circumstances: part I

Today, I set up my Ancient Gods and Contemporary Circumstances exhibition with the help of a kind Portuguese man.  He seemed to like my work, because he pointed at several images, commenting "Linda," which means  "Beautiful."  So that was very nice of him, despite the fact-- he also seemed relatively disappointed by my inability to... Continue Reading →

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