press: back to basics

Back to Basics: Artist Uses Stream of Consciousness to Create Latest Pieces Written by Wade Rupard/Photograph by Logan Werlinger March 13 2015 When many go to art galleries, they search for deep meaning and emotion in what they're viewing. But Carly Swenson's newest show at the Third Street Gallery isn't about preconceived ideas or a larger... Continue Reading →

exhibition: acknowledged or not

Artist Statement: This is a unique body of work, as it exemplifies the recent shifts in my artistic style. My previous works focused primarily on issues regarding gender inequality and social justice. The mixed media works included in this exhibition, contain similar techniques and visual elements I have developed over the years, with a revised... Continue Reading →

art workshop: seven social sins

I intended to write about this almost a year ago now.  The museum's community art education department also hosted their usual youth art workshops thematically related to their current exhibitions.  At that time, it was my Seven Social Sins exhibition, on display at the Angra Museum from February 23-June 9 of 2013.  However, life happened, and while I... Continue Reading →

art exhibition: sismo

This past February, I took part in two group exhibitions based on the theme of the tragic earthquake that struck the island of Terceira near Angra do Heroismo in 1980.  One exhibition took place in January at the Angra Cultural Center.  However, I was sadly, unable to attend that art opening.  I was able to attend... Continue Reading →

ancient gods and contemporary circumstances (II)

Last night was the opening for my Ancient Gods and Contemporary Circumstances exhibition.  I had previously displayed this body of work earlier this year at the Academia de Juventude, shortly after its completion.  I am very proud of this recent series, and I have received a generally positive response.  I think many people share my fascination... Continue Reading →

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