2014 & 2015: Despondency Carnival

Artist Statement: Much like when I began my Ancient God & Contemporary Circumstances(2013) and Seven Social Sins(2010) bodies of work, this series hit me like a compulsion.  I just kept painting.  However, the similarities end there. Unlike those mixed media works that have an external focus on relevant contemporary social issues, this series as created intuitively with... Continue Reading →

2013: ancient gods and contemporary circumstances

Artist Statement:  I have been captivated by Greek mythology since I first learned about it in my adolescence. I was drawn to the very human characteristics, vices, and faults of these powerful gods and goddesses. With Greek mythology, the existence of the enigmatic deities fulfilled the same role as gods have across cultures throughout human... Continue Reading →

2011: haunted

Artist Statement: I have an addiction to photographing the abandoned building I find all around this beautiful island of Terceira.  I'm completely drawn to them, despite the insects, mold, and scratchy plant life that inevitably await me within and around these structures. Forgotten books, papers and monochrome family photos littering shelves, reminds me other humans... Continue Reading →

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