2016 visual journal: adventures in change

Like other intuitive works, this journal's imagery originated more from my creative subconscious than any intentional concept development.  As I have gotten older, I’ve made an effort to be more present and aware of my instincts and intuition. Interestingly, I can now look back at works I created over the past few years, and see... Continue Reading →

2015: Faustus

I was asked to create artwork for lobby exhibitions with the Classical Actors Ensemble, a Shakespearean theatre company in Minneapolis. During their fall and spring seasons, they alternate between two different plays.  In October 2015, they performed Dr. Faustus at the Theatre Garage. These are my five works pertaining to Faustus that accompanied the performance:

the sketchbook project 2013: lyrically inclined

Inspired by my fellow BSU classmates, the delightful Katherine at the Daydream House, the lovely Crystal Price and various other talented artists, I too have decided to join the thousands of artists taking part in The Sketchbook Project 2013.  I was excited to receive my sketchbook despite its rather pitiful size.  However, I assume if you are... Continue Reading →

2011: altered endings

As I mentioned in my previous artistic themes post, fairy tales has always captivated me.  As an adult, they still hold a certain allure for me that is difficult to explain.  Aesthetically, I love the iconographic associations we all have with very basic fairy tale imagery—a half eaten apple, a red cloak, a glass slipper,... Continue Reading →

artistic themes IV: fairy tale influence

Fairy tale imagery has appeared consistently in my artwork throughout the past few years.  My association with such imagery had been instinctual—while working, storybook pages, text, or imagery simply seemed to fit with the atmosphere or tone I was creating within a specific piece. I knew I had an internal association with the imagery, and... Continue Reading →

artistic themes II

I have continued to explore the commonly used themes in my find in my work. (artistic themes I  https://nakedcarlyart.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/artistic-themes-i/ )  My artistic process is primarily intuitive, unless I am working on a commission for a client, specific piece for an exhibition or competition entry.  Because the majority of my work instinctual; I have to consciously assess... Continue Reading →

artistic themes I

In an attempt to help viewers better understand and relate to my work, I have begun to evaluate my own imagery and consider themes and concepts that appear repeatedly throughout my art.  I highly encourage (and prefer) people viewing my work to create their own interpretations of what my work means to them.  This allows... Continue Reading →

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