from sketch III

Back in 2012, I took on a 366 sketches project.  The thing is--after a while, 33 drawings, 79 drawings, 165 drawings, 283 drawings--my imagination would wear thin every so often, and reference images were very helpful as a source for inspiration when my mind would just get blank.  

2016 visual journal: adventures in change

Like other intuitive works, this journal's imagery originated more from my creative subconscious than any intentional concept development.  As I have gotten older, I’ve made an effort to be more present and aware of my instincts and intuition. Interestingly, I can now look back at works I created over the past few years, and see... Continue Reading →

2011: altered endings

As I mentioned in my previous artistic themes post, fairy tales has always captivated me.  As an adult, they still hold a certain allure for me that is difficult to explain. Aesthetically, I love the iconographic associations we all have with very basic fairy tale imagery—a half eaten apple, a red cloak, a glass slipper,... Continue Reading →

artist’s way, week eight: tranquil, sad, & sleepy

Week 8: Take no. 3 During week eight, Cameron’s Color Scheme task consisted of choosing a color and describing that color in several sentences.  The description was to be written in first person, which felt awkward. My result was the following, this sort-of-cliché-accidentally-poem-ish writing.  To be honest, I'm slightly embarrassed to share this.  But, blue felt... Continue Reading →

artistic themes V: fairy tale iconography

Fairy tale imagery has appeared consistently in my artwork throughout the past few years.  My association has been instinctual—while working, storybook pages, text, or imagery simply fit with the atmosphere I was creating . I knew I had an internal association with fairy tales, and viewers inevitably have their own reactions, thoughts, and memories prompted... Continue Reading →

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