art with girl scouts

I have some experience working with children, since I have been a substitute teacher, taught community education classes and private art lessons.  However, since I don't have children of my own, and grew up in a family with few siblings and cousins, I am always slightly self-conscious when working with a new group of small... Continue Reading →

365 good days: #34

Sewing group.  Every Sunday night, a group of us girls get together and work on a common sewing project.  Currently, we are working on dirndl skirts, before we start on another dress.  Usually, these evenings include just as much talking and wine as actual sewing, but such is life.  It might make our projects take... Continue Reading →

from pinterest: I

Like many people, I have a pinterest account, where I have pinned an absurd number of DIY tutorials, sewing projects, meal recipes, fashion ideas, and art inspirations.  Also, like many people--I have, in reality, created very few projects I pinned. This, however, is the start.  I loved this unique framing idea. As an artist, people (kindly)... Continue Reading →

artist date: july

For my artist date this month, I decided to paint my ottoman.  I had previously covered it with some fabric but over the past year the fabric had gotten rather sun-bleached, dingy and dirty. I bought this piece from a charity shop (thrift store) while in England.  I love this piece of furniture, it is... Continue Reading →

via air mail IV

Cloth, Paper, Scissors, an inspiring mixed media/sewing/artistic craft magazine, recently listed a call to artists for art postcards.  The postcards had to be 4in x 6in and at least 50% fabric, from that there it was up to the artist.  I enjoy themed challenges because it forces me to work slightly outside my usual artistic... Continue Reading →

week eight: artist date

While wandering through the magical land of etsy, I came across this delightful heart garland. I am sure this seller is quite talented, and I firmly support purchasing items from small businesses and other artists.  However, this project appeared to be fairly simple—even relaxing with the repetitive cutting of heart shapes (since I don’t have access... Continue Reading →

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