sete pecados sociais/seven social sins: collaborative art workshop

I intended to write about this almost a year ago now.  The museum's community art education department also hosted their usual youth art workshops thematically related my Seven Social Sins exhibition at the Angra Museum from February 23-June 9 of 2013. However, life happened, and I was only able to help with a couple of the workshops.... Continue Reading →

art with girl scouts

I have some experience working with children, since I have been a substitute teacher, taught community education classes and private art lessons.  However, since I don't have children of my own, and grew up in a family with few siblings and cousins, I am always slightly self-conscious when working with a new group of small... Continue Reading →

art lessons: III

Blind contour drawings--how fun are those?!  I haven't drawn them in years, but for my art lesson today my student and I played with drawing our hands--blindly. Using a fine tipped marker and drawing all the lines of your fingers and knuckles is a wonderful way to get familiar with all the intricate details that... Continue Reading →

art lessons: II

Today, during my weekly art lesson, we drew birds with pencil and painted them with acrylics. Hers turned out lovely, and I painted with glitter. How fun is glitter!? (Honestly, I have no idea how many years it has been since I've played with glitter.)

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