via air mail VI

As I mentioned in my previous post, Via Air Mail V, I recently took part in my second art postcard exchange with artistic classmates from college, and a few additional friends.  I enjoy every aspect of postcard exchanges.  It is delightful to create small mail-able art, and send it off around the world.  In turn,... Continue Reading →

via air mail V

Mid-February was the deadline for my second postcard exchange with my arty college friends and a couple new art acquaintances.  I was a little slower getting my postcards finished and mailed this time, than I was for our previous exchange.  However, I had just as much fun making them.  These ten are more similar in... Continue Reading →

via air mail IV

Cloth, Paper, Scissors, an inspiring mixed media/sewing/artistic craft magazine, recently listed a call to artists for art postcards.  The postcards had to be 4in x 6in and at least 50% fabric, from that there it was up to the artist. I enjoy themed art challenges because it forces me to work slightly outside my usual... Continue Reading →

via air mail III

As I mentioned in my previous post last September, several of my fellow artistic college classmates and I took part is a little art postcard exchange.  Our theme was Inside/Outside and over the past month I have been receiving these delightful and inspiring postcards in my post office box.  Our exchange was on a very small... Continue Reading →

artist’s way, week six: via air mail II

This week, several of Cameron’s tasks involved more actual doing, as well as the regular tasks of lists and self-analysis (and of course the weekly artist date and daily morning pages). Week Six: Task no. 4 Creation: Bake something. I'm not much of anything in the kitchen.  Baking in particular. With its detailed measuring, specific instructions,... Continue Reading →

via air mail

My lovely friend Abbie recently sent me a message; she and a few other art friends are having an art postcard exchange.  I always love to hear from Abbie. I miss art-related conversation and the work-in-progress insight of my former classmates. The idea of an art exchange sounded wonderful. A delightful chance to reconnect with... Continue Reading →

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