More Naked Carly Art on…

Blogs from other humans I know and like…
Abigail Renola Tjaden: Art. Art. Art. Adventures in Contemporary Artmaking (Installation art/printmaking/photography/sketchbook)

Carl Draws: The Blog.  (Comic art/illustration/sketchbook)

Color Me Thai Dyed: Because you need another blog to read. (Life experiences/photography)

Daydream House: …for anyone who gave up sleeping to create something luscious. (Collage/mixed media/painting/life experiences)

Gwendolyn & the Photoshow: A contemporary photographic vision (Photography)

Hello, Blog, how are you today? Blog and Sam documenting life. (Life experiences/performing arts)

Lylee Heart Designs: Everything is better with a heart on it. (Artistry/cooking/craft)

Nicholas Jackson: I tell stories and chase art. (Illustration/graphic design/web design)

Robin Jane Fingher: Creative adventures in mixed media, life and other playful musings (Mixed media/painting)

Whisperwood Art Works (Collage/visual journaling)

Write to Simplicity: Writing is my time machine, it takes me to the time and place I belong. (Life experiences)

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  1. Thanks Carly- I just came across some photos of a workshop i taught and there you were! You are such a wonderful person and incredible artist- I am happy to know you!

    1. Could you email some of the images I am in to me? (If they are digital). That was such a great workshop. You created a monster that day:)

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