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“Adventures in Change: Self-Realization through Art Journaling” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 9/Iss. 2
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2017) p. 48-53


The Written Word, “An Easy Alternative” Vol. 8/Iss. 4, 2016, pg. 82
“Setting Goals” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 8/Iss. 2
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2016) p. 88-92


Rupard, Wade  Back to Basics: Artist Uses Stream of Consciousness to Create Latest Pieces Grand Forks Herald, Grand Forks ND Mar 13, 2015 p. C1


Pages 106-111
“Art is My Voice” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 6/Iss. 3
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2014) p. 106-111
Pages 160-163
“High Fashion” Digital Inspiration, Vol. 1
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2014) p. 160-163


Peace Project 2013, page 50
The Peace Project Exhibition  Traveling Art Exhibition, California & New York
—Oct 5-Dec 1; Juried Group Exhibition 2013 (pg 50)
Peace Project 2013, page 53
The Peace Project Exhibition  Traveling Art Exhibition, California & New York
—Oct 5-Dec 1; Juried Group Exhibition 2013 (Lower Left, pg. 53)
Front page of Havre Daily News.
Burke, Pam “An Artist’s Lens” Havre Daily News, Havre MT Jul 19, 2013 p. B1 & B3
Great Falls Tribune, 7/19/2013 (Article by Jake Sorich)
Sorich, Jake “Swenson Exhibit at the Square” Great Falls Tribune, Great Falls MT
Jul 19, 2013 p. 2
Somerset Art Journaling, Summer 2013
“Gallery {Carly Swenson}” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 5/Iss. 3
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2013) p. 138-139
Accents, page 17
Bates, Trishell “Carly Swenson is the New Black” Accents Magazine,
Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal Jul 1, 2013 p. 17
Fazendo nº86, Fazendo Artes Plásticas Peca-se no MAH
Ana Lucia “We Sin atMAH!”  (Portuguese Translation) Fazendo Magazine no. 86
Terceira, Azores, Portugal Jun 15, 2013 p. 13
Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 8.01.29 PM
Burnard, Paulette “Lajes Now: Episode 99” (Seven Social Sins Interview)LC-TV Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal Aug 23, 2013
4 Abr 2013, Diario Insular, page 12
Oliveira, Álamo “Carly Swenson Exhibition in Praia” (Portuguese Translation)
Diario Insular, Terceira, Azores, Portugal Apr 4, 2013 p. 12
Di Domingo, 03 Mar 2013, pages 16 & 17
Barcelos, Carina “In the Hands or Carly Swenson, Anything Can Be Art” (Portuguese
Translation) Di Domingo, Terceira, Azores, Portugal Mar 3, 2013 p. 16 & 17
Angra Museum monthly/weekly newsletters (March/April 2013)
Angra Museum monthly/weekly newsletters (March/April 2013)


2012 Peace Project Book, page 100
The Peace Project Exhibition  Traveling Art Exhibition, California & New York
—Oct 5-Dec 1; Juried Group Exhibition 2012 (Give the World Your Best, pg 100)
Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 7.27.00 PM
Burnard, Paulette “Lajes Now: Episode 84” (Interview)
LC-TV Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal Oct 12, 2012
Altered Endings feature in Somerset Art Journaling, 2012
“Altered Endings” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 4/Iss. 4
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2012) p. 80-84
Art Journaling, spring 2012 issue
“Gallery {Carly Swenson}” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 4/Iss. 2
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2012) p. 128-129


Sometimes Out of Turn (cover image Carly Swenson 2011)
Sometimes Out of Turn, Cover, Finishing Line Press, Jan 2012 (Original collection of poetry by Ben Westlie)


Peace Project, 2011 (page 32)
The Peace Project Exhibition  Traveling Art Exhibition, California & New York—Oct 22-Dec 1; Juried Traveling Group Exhibition (Where You Can Have Peace, pg 2011)
“A Love of Journaling” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 3/Iss. 2
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2011) p. 64-67
“High Fashion” Somerset Digital Studio, Spring Iss. 
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2011) p. 54-57


The Peace Project  The Whole 9, Los Angeles CA—Feb 11-Mar 10; Juried Group Exhibition (Inner Peace II, pg 94)

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