ancient gods and contemporary circumstances (II)

Last night was the opening for my Ancient Gods and Contemporary Circumstances exhibition.  I had previously displayed this body of work earlier this year at the Academia de Juventude, shortly after its completion.  I am very proud of this recent series, and I have received a generally positive response.  I think many people share my fascination... Continue Reading →

365 good days: #287

I received the marketing for my upcoming exhibition next month.  I am super excited to have the opportunity to show my Ancient Gods and Contemporary Circumstances exhibition here on the islands.  My first exhibition of this series was well received by those who saw it.  However, the weather the night of my opening was awful... Continue Reading →

my love of a quiet island life…

Local village festivals are a beautifully quaint and genuine part of summer life on Terceira.  I have seen flags, branches, flowers and quilts decorate roadside, fences, streets, balconies and windowsills of the houses.  Along the main roads of each village during their festival week, each home comes alive with vibrant color.  Decorations light up the main... Continue Reading →

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