ancient gods and contemporary circumstances (II)

Last night was the opening for my Ancient Gods and Contemporary Circumstances exhibition.  I had previously displayed this body of work earlier this year at the Academia de Juventude, shortly after its completion.  I am very proud of this recent series, and I have received a generally positive response.  I think many people share my fascination... Continue Reading →

guest post: week two in the azores

Azores Day 8: Awkward Beach II-The Tide is In Blog, I meant to ask Casey and Carly what the far-off booms are that I’ve been hearing throughout the evening, but they went to bed and I just realized that I’m not in America anymore. “Left-over Fourth of July fireworks” isn’t a viable excuse here. Neither is“Portuguese people... Continue Reading →

my love of a quiet island life…

Local village festivals are a beautifully quaint and genuine part of summer life on Terceira.  I've seen flags, branches, flowers, and quilts decorate roadside, fences, streets, balconies, and windowsills of the houses.  Along the main roads of each village during their festival week, each home comes alive with vibrant color. Decorations light up the main street... Continue Reading →

press: accents • pg. 17

I'm delighted to have a page-long article focusing on my artwork in Lajes Field's quarterly base magazine, Accents.  My piece, Terceira July, was also used as the cover image for this issue.  The article was an edited version of an interview, Trishell Bates, wrote for her blog--with a different title. Her original title, Carly Swenson... Continue Reading →

press: anything can be art–

In the Hands of Carly Swenson, Anything Can Be Art Published in DI Domingo 03 March 2013 Reporter: Carina Barcelos Photography: António Araújo Four years ago, the North American, Carly Swenson, surrendered to art with her body and soul. Her paintings combine traditional art materials and common imagery in a unique way, providing viewers with an interesting... Continue Reading →

ancient gods and contemporary circumstances: part II

The weather had been less than desirable for days (well, weeks--to be honest).  Strong winds and intermittent rains brought me to the conclusion that, while the weather the night of my opening was likely to be less than ideal, I assumed it wouldn't actually impact the (indoor) event itself.  We had finished installing the exhibition earlier that... Continue Reading →

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