365 good days: #348

Today, I went out to dinner with my lovely husband and our super-delightful friends to celebrate Dannon's thirtieth birthday.  (So, Happy Birthday, Dannon!) The food was yummy and it is always great to spend time with some of my favorite humans.  Hearts.

ancient gods and contemporary circumstances (II)

Last night was the opening for my Ancient Gods and Contemporary Circumstances exhibition.  I had previously displayed this body of work earlier this year at the Academia de Juventude, shortly after its completion.  I am very proud of this recent series, and I have received a generally positive response.  I think many people share my fascination... Continue Reading →

barcelona day 1 (365 good days: #307)

Our flight from Madrid to Barcelona left at a reasonable time.  This allowed plenty of time for complimentary-hotel-breakfast-goodness, coffee and finishing up packing our luggage.  The flight was fast, and I slept through most of it anyway.  I love to sleep on flights, if I can—it simply makes the time pass quickly (however, my seating... Continue Reading →

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