why naked?

I know some people, like my lovely grandmother, will be slightly taken aback by the word naked in association with me and my imagery. In turn, others will certainly be disappointed when they arrive at my blog and discover a distinct lack of blatant sexualized nudity. However, I am under the impression that those people may have been searching for an entirely different sort of naked than is found here, and in that case (for entirely different reasons than those my grandmother) they also probably aren’t too interested in my life and work as an artist.

nude artist, photo/copyright: Mandy Blevins 2011
naked artist, photo/copyright: Mandy Blevins 2011

I consider my work to be an intricate part me. My ideals, thoughts, convictions, emotions, experiences, insecurities and visual style manifest themselves in my work and define me as a human. I find this beautiful and comforting, despite leaving a part of me completely vulnerable, open to acceptance, appreciation, dismissal or failure. Therefore, my work is metaphorically naked, an honest and raw aspect of me.

Strangely enough, I feel more exposed sharing my art than I ever did when I have been literally naked as a nude/life model.

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