110 furry lives: no. 37

no. 37:

no. 37: Happy {Granted, Happy doesn’t look happy here, but he is.  He is a growing kitten and still very affectionate and playful.  He was fascinated with my camera.  Also, I remember when he was a tiny boy of about four weeks, he used to eat his little and poo in his food.  Don’t worry, he has since learned that that was silly.  He now eats his food and poos in his litter box.  He is adorable.}

110 furry lives: no. 36

no. 3

no. 36: Lou {Lou has sensitive skin, and thus requires a special diet.  However–he is WORTH IT.  This loving boy, is charming,  playful, and kind.  He is one of my favorite cats at the shelter.  I hope he gets a loving home soon.}