artist’s way, week eight: artist date

paper hearts, 2011
paper hearts, 2011

While wandering through the magical land of etsy, I came across this delightful heart garland. I’m sure this seller is quite talented, and I firmly support purchasing items from small businesses and other artists.

However, this project appeared to be fairly simple—maybe even relaxing with the repetitive cutting of heart shapes (since I don’t have access to a dye cutter).  I thought it would be a perfect artist date.  I also decided to use ribbon to connect the hearts instead of the sewn thread. 

sewing process


The thin lines of thread look very delicate and elegant, but I’m afraid with moving house on a regular basis and owning a cat, the ribbon might help to make the garland slightly more durable and less likely to tangle.

I used pages from a vintage book I’d never heard of.  I like the discoloration of pages that occurs after decades of exposure to, well, everything books are exposed to that makes them change color?  I used some think scrapbook paper as well, so add some hints of color.

I’m really pleased with how this project turned out.  I made several strands of varying lengths–since I wasn’t really sure where/how I plan to use them.


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