exhibition: sweetart salon

Love’s Accomplices, SweetArt Salon, January 26, 2019

My intuitive work, “Love’s Accomplices” was part of the salon des refuses, SweetArt Salon. This was a large group exhibition on display in the Northrop King Building of NE Minneapolis.

It’s an odd consultation prize to be part of an “exhibition of rejects”. Inclusion automatically implies–“You aren’t good enough for the real exhibition, Carly. Try harder.” Which is then, obviously a good time to remind myself, the original salon des refuses took place because remarkable works were rejected by the jury of the 1863 Paris Salon. Attending the opening lat Saturday, my disappointment faded, because I was elated to have my art among so many other talented artists.

Foreground: Galactate by Meranda Turbak

I fell in love with this piece. The rich colors and patterns were stunning.

Foreground: Wave of Change, by Barbara Riegel Bend

My photo doesn’t show it well, but this work’s made of all this gorgeous detail fabric, with lines and lines of zippers. It was captivating.

Left: Work by Cory Favre 

The colors in her work are delightfully vibrant with a great sense of movement.

Right: All the Way to the Vineyard, by Matthew S. Rucker

His work is awe-inspiringly minimal and realistic.

Foreground: Photography by Amy Ballinger.

Her photography is so striking and surreal, and just beautifully executed.

Foreground: Jack in the Basket, by Kyle Fokken

This piece terrifies me a bit, but it’s so brilliantly well done.

Background: Nickyworks Studio

The opening was well attended, and ultimately, I’m always grateful to display my work. And the truth is, a salon des refuses definitely takes a bit of the sting out of rejection.

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