artist’s way II: introduction

I have decided to work through Julie Cameron’s The Artist Way for a second time.  A couple of years ago, I tried The Artist’s Way on a whim.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right.  However, over the weeks, I noticed a subtle positive shift in my perspective and I began to force myself out of my comfort zone.  When I finally completed the book, I found I was in a very healthy place.  I was open to new challenges, working through my anxiety, and amazingly new artistic opportunities kept coming my way.

Anti-nesting, preparing our household artwork for the move
Anti-nesting, preparing our household artwork for the move

With our impending move back to the US at the end of this month, I am an intense pile of emotions and anxiety.  I have loved my time here in the Azores for many reasons.  I have had fantastic experiences with my art, my jobs, friends, the base community, and the local community.  I seem to be struggling to emotionally reconcile the aspect of me that is am very sad to leave the part of me that is looking forward to this new adventure.  I am looking forward to being closer to family and my several of my college friends—if we can’t return to mainland Europe, it is exciting (and a strangely surreal) to be returning to somewhere familiar like the Midwest.  However, the stress of preparing to move, anti-nesting (the process of organizing my life and preparing all my earthly possessions to be packed up and hauled across an ocean), intensely cleaning the house, selling our cars, attempting to find a renal house that meets our needs available in Grand Forks, attempting to find a new job, preparing to reestablish myself in a new community as an artist, etc.

Anti-nesting in the loft.
Anti-nesting in the loft.

Moving isn’t fun.


My point is, I am returning to The Artist’s Way to hopefully gain some peace of mind regarding the move, as well as helping me to maintain a positive frame of mind as I attempt to find work, discover the local art scene, and meet new humans.

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