lola art crawl 2018

IMG_5250This past weekend, I took part in my first art fair since I moved to the Twin Cities, and it was the second time I’ve taken part in a two-day art event. Originally, I wasn’t interested in the LoLa’s Annual Art Crawl. Not because I have any issue with the League of Longfellow Artists (they’re lovely), but just because as an introvert–two 8-hr days, in the sun, talking to other humans, hauling things, setting up, and taking down, is exhausting. However, I started this year with the intention of putting my artistic self out there into the universe more. And this opportunity figuratively fell into my lap, with the exceedingly reasonable participation fee of $35, and no commission.

IMG_5101I work in the charming Greater Longfellow neighborhood of south Minneapolis. I was placed with several other talented people, including mosaic artist Lisa Arnold, jewelry designer Emily Madland, and blacksmith Steven Lancaster at Fireroast Coffee & Wine Bar. Leading up to the event, I shamelessly used my dog to promote the event via social media (#iregretnothing). If she weren’t so well-behaved and ridiculously photogenic, I wouldn’t do it. So, I blame her for being so adorable? (Unrelated, she also has her own instagram @LongfellowDocMo, should you feel inclined to follow the adventures of Miss Mo throughout Greater Longfellow and the Twin Cities.)

I introduced new square postcards and blank notecards as well. I like having a wide variety of price points available. To my surprise, I entirely sold out of the notecards, (but I’m ordering more, since people expressed interest in purchasing them online). Also to my surprise, I ended up exceeding the sales goal I’d set for myself within the first day.

IMG_5181 copyThe weather was warmer than expected for mid-September, which I think took a toll on our potential numbers. And while the sunshine was lovely, the high 80s temperature with bonkers high humidity and no wind, wasn’t particularly appealing for people to walk/bike throughout the neighborhood. That being sad, I’m  delighted I took part. I met some fantastic people, made some money, and brilliantly took the following Monday off work for introvert-recovery-day.

Thanks so much to those kind humans who stopped by to keep me company or say hello, those who purchased or expressed interest in my art, or even just chatted a bit, and League of Longfellow Artists (LoLa) for such a fun event!

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