painting with a twist–

My demonstration piece--
My demonstration piece–

I have never considered myself a particularly spousey spouse.  After several negative experiences at my last base, I found it best (and emotionally safer) to simply keep to myself and (now) a few close friends.  However, as I have mentioned before—my lovely friend, as helped to drag me out of my socially awkward, and charmingly self-conscious shell.

One of the various results of this getting-out-of-shell-process has included helping to host a Spouse’s Club event, Art with a Twist.  The concept is simple—it’s basically paint by numbers sans the numbers.  Therefore—I took roughly 40 inexpensive canvases and penciled either a bird of paradise flower or a fish.  People chose which to paint.

Lots of canvases with the design already stenciled on them.
Lots of canvases with the design already stenciled on them.

I love the idea of this event.  It is enjoyable to socialize, relax and be creative.  People tend to like the fact that the difficult part of the initial design is done for them.  Leaving the pleasant aspect of simply painting.  I find it beautifully fascinating how people can start with the exact same  line drawing and end up with their own stunningly unique works of art.


Bird of Paradise Flower:

Simple Fish:


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  1. Wish I could have been there to participate as it looks like so much fun. The hardest part for me would be sketching in of the subject and with that already done the rest would be pleasurable painting as well as socializing. Good job.


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