painting with a twist II

My sample piece, I used for my art demonstration.
My sample piece, I used for my art demonstration.

My last Painting with a Twist event for the Lajes Spouse Club, was very successful.  However, not everyone who had wanted to attend the event could make it. So, a few months later we did it again! We had plenty of left over paint and many of the fish and flower traced canvases.  Additionally, I sketched a cow design, giving everyone a third option to choose from.  We had over twenty participants, and wine–so that was also fun.  This time, I did more of an art demonstration, that I hoped some people found useful.

I genuinely love to see how everyone can take the same design, and make it their own.  It is beautiful.  Some of the spouses hadn’t ever really painted before, and they were nervous, but it was amazing to see them dive right in to the project, and hopefully have a lot of fun, simply enjoying the process of painting with other nice humans.

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