painting with a twist III

My demonstration piece--
My demonstration piece–

I facilitated my last Painting with a Twist event for the spouses’ club this month.  I never expected to enjoy being a member of a military spouses’ club–however, I really have.   It still feels strange to realize this was also my last club meeting before my husband and I move back to the US.  I have met some very lovely humans here.

For this painting session, I traced out the traditional Portuguese rooster.  I wanted people to have a painting of something they could associate with their time here on the island, much like the flowers and fish from our first Painting with a Twist, or the cow canvas boards from the second event I hosted.

I always love these events.  I am constantly delighted to see the various ways different individuals can take the same starting image and make it uniquely their own.

I started out with a brief demonstration, and explanation of color mixing. After that, people were welcome to play and experiment with their paintings in any way they wanted.  I was around to happily answer questions or concerns people had throughout the completion of their paintings.

I always try to emphasize that most important aspect of a projects like this, is to simply relax and enjoy the process of painting with other nice humans.  If you end up with a painting you like that is pleasant extra.



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  1. I like that your painting sessions produce different images. My daughter has attended two similar events (they also drink wine) but the results are too similar for my art teacher liking. I really like the Rooster #8; it expresses the Portuguese pottery very well!


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